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Welcome to the Gallery

Although I am still under construction here I welcome you to the gallery. It’s an extremely exciting time for us at the moment and I am glad you’re here with us. After years of playing around, I finally put aside some time to get creative.

The gallery is currently evolving around me, with new ideas taking shape each day. Over the next few weeks, I aim to open up some of those features to you. No launch would be complete without a leak or two, so here’s what’s coming and how it’s happening:

  • THE MARKET PLACE: Is getting an overhaul as I introduce the new vendor programme. Behind the scenes, other amazing artists and photographers are painstakingly building their online profiles, stores, and product catalogues.

    Incidentally, if you would like to post, sell, and share your work with us get in touch. The vendor programme is now open.

  • CUSTOMER PROFILES & ACCOUNT MEMBERSHIP: Almost finished, a complete account management system is underway. Our customers will soon enjoy profiles, wishlists, order tracking, offer privileges, and exclusive member deals.
  • CUSTOMER TICKET & SUPPORT: In test right now, a brand new customer support element to the site, linking customers to their products and much more.

I truly hope you enjoy the gallery and upcoming Market Place. If you would like to add any comments or simply wish to ask a question, please feel free to drop me a note via the gallery contact page.

Finally, I personally invite you to join the gallery newsletter. Powered by MailChimp, your information is safe and I promise to keep information, brief, relevant, and most of all, beneficial. 

Finally, please be advised, the site has various live features that are under test. These includes:

Take care, get in touch and a huge thanks!


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