So I feel the site is ready (or thereabouts) for a small post. I’m going to kick off by saying hey and welcome. This website is a collection of projects I’ve worked on over the past decade.

Having been fortunate enough to travel, I’ve taken cameras on various journies across the globe. Looking back I can think of journies where the cameras never witnessed the light of day, other journies where it was impossible to put them away.

Much of my work revolves around a post-production thought, what will the image become and how will I create it.

As a young boy, I grew up in the darkroom. Dad being an avid photogropher also had turned one of our small bedrooms into his chemical man-cave. This was after the various incarnations, of garden sheds and closets, one of which I remember being under the stairs in our front room, the closet door had a round seat that folded up when not in use. In the tiny space, I’d sit on my dad’s lap and watch him juggle the negatives, enlarger, and chemicals, resulting in a black and white masterpiece.

On reflection, growing up, college, and university are the only times I’ve used a darkroom. Not sure how dad would feel about today’s technology but I am now a digital guy.

I’ve always shot with Canon. Starting back with my 35mm AE-1 as a child, I’ve moved through various models such as the 20d, 30d, and now firing happily with the 5d MkIV which is in my opinion, an incredibly versatile piece of kit. Adding to that a modest stable of lenses the only thing that holds me back is the weight and where I’m traveling.

Back to the post-processing, I’m an Adobe Lightroom fanboy. Buying into the Adobe workflow (not their subscription model), I’ve used Photoshop et al, since the late ’90s. Adding to that a collection iMacs, Macbooks, and LaCie drives my setup (other than backups, which I\ll post about later) is everything I need.

In respect to style, I have to say, I’m a bit of self-harming tit when it comes to narrative. I spend a great deal of time dumping images I’ve taken, luck if I take 10 in a 1,000 that I actually take. Still, I guess that’s an advantage of shooting digital.

Anyhow, I digress (something I’m known for). My aim here is to post on my adventures, share some thoughts, and discuss my workflow.

I’d appreciate honest and constructive feedback. So, feel free to sign up, connect and share ideas.

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